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The Boy in the Window

Eighteen years have passed since Ketzale entered a store on Bialik Street in Ramat Gan to ask if they had baby onesies. When she returned to peek inside the stroller, she discovered her baby had vanished. Eighteen years of living in the shadow of a terrible loss, under the accusing gaze of a judgmental community. Eighteen years in a world that was transformed overnight into a strange territory that she surveyed with constant suspicion.

And then she hears a rumor – a young man is modeling swimsuits in the display window of a store on Bialik Street. Ketzale embarks on a detective journey, during which she loses her last remaining convictions and discovers the fleeting and circumstantial nature of the love of those closest to her.

Oren Gazit has written a gripping thriller that’s impossible to put down. The intricate detective plot traces the dark origins of the most intimate relationships. At times, we may read it as a narrative embodiment of Jean Genet’s assertion that the family is the most fundamental nucleus of crime.

Title The Boy in the Window
Writer's Last Name Gazit
Writer's First Name Oren
Genre Fiction
Publisher (Hebrew) Shtaim
No. Pages 206pp.
  • “A stirring plot… The use of language is simply captivating!”