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The Good-Luck Pacifier

There`s only one pacifier that Itamar loves. Every time it gets lost, Itamar cries and Mommy and Daddy search the house until it is found. They are worried, because Itamar is already five.

And the solution arrives in the form of an odd uncle from America. He has long hair and he wears all sorts of strange bits and pieces, among them… a good-luck pacifier! No joke. What`s more, he doesn`t care what anyone thinks. Then, just before he leaves, he loses his pacifier, and he is devastated. But an unexpected thing happens: Itamar surprises everyone by giving his good- luck pacifier to his uncle.

A magical story about growing up and giving to others.

Danish, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
Title The Good-Luck Pacifier
Writer's Last Name Orlev
Writer's First Name Uri
Genre Children
Ages 3-6
Illustrations Alona Frankel
Publisher (Hebrew) Am Oved
No. Pages 24pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Motzetz Ha-Mazal