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The Last of the Wise Lovers

Ronnie Levin is the only child of an Israeli couple living in a New York suburb. His father, an Israeli government agent, spends most of his time traveling across the country on secret missions. His mother, a beautiful, talented woman, adores her promising son. Ronnie is bright, handsome and has a loving girlfriend; but something is about to go terribly wrong.

Driving home from a back-to-school costume party, Ronnie has a mysterious and frightening encounter. Dressed as a woman, and mistaken for his mother, he is stopped in the Lincoln tunnel, where he receives a cryptic message intended for her. The message contains a threat to both her life and that of an unknown man. This moment marks the beginning of the most terrifying and confusing two weeks of Ronnie`s life, during which he attempts to solve the enigma in which he has become embroiled, thereby protecting his mother and saving the anonymous man. His mission, as he will later discover, is also one of self-discovery.

As the mystery unfolds, and as Ronnie gathers more clues, he undergoes a painful personal process of discovery and disillusionment concerning the people closest to him. First he learns that his mother, whom he has always respected and adored, is a lonely, frustrated woman who is living a double life. Her secret, which she goes to great lengths to conceal, involves not only an extramarital affair and the betrayal of his father, but also a dangerous, clandestine conspiracy. Ronnie also comes to acknowledge that while his father`s absence created a strong bond between him and his mother, it constituted a painful void in his life. Finally, Ronnie discovers that his beloved Uncle Harry, whose friendship and advice he so cherished, has betrayed virtually every member of his family.

Through his relentless quest for the truth, Ronnie finds that what he held to be true is actually false, and that things are rarely as they seem. Re-evaluating his reality, he learns to question everything he has hitherto taken for granted. He discovers that this life-threatening ordeal is in fact his own rite of passage.

English, Russian
Title The Last of the Wise Lovers
Writer's Last Name Jackont
Writer's First Name Amnon
Genre Fiction
Publisher (Hebrew) Keter
No. Pages 177pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Achron Ha-Meʹahavim Ha-Chachamim