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The Lion, His Mane and the Giraffe

Is Lion still a lion? Can he be the King of the Beasts without his gorgeous mane? At first, his devoted friend the Giraffe doesn`t think so.
One morning, Lion gets very itchy under his mane. He scratches and scratches and finally he decides to have a haircut. So he heads off on his bicycle to the Fox`s hairdressing salon and has his mane shaved off. When Giraffe comes by later, she`s shocked! “What sort of a Lion are you, without your mane?” she exclaims. “You`re nothing now, just a strange-looking animal!” And she goes to the beach by herself.

But later that day, she’s not so full of herself, and her proud neck is all droopy… and bright red. “I fell asleep and got too much sun,” she explains, tears trickling down her blotchy cheeks. “And now everyone is making fun of me. They say I`m not a giraffe any more, just a funny-looking red creature.” But the Lion is kind-he tells her she`s still a beautiful giraffe at heart. Giraffe understands and apologizes for hurting his feelings before. And they hug and make up, till it`s time for bed.

This beautifully illustrated story about friendship, change and identity was on the national bestseller lists for 29 weeks.

Title The Lion, His Mane and the Giraffe
Writer's Last Name Elbaum
Writer's First Name Dov
Genre Children
Ages 3-6
Illustrations David Hall
Publisher (Hebrew) Am Oved
No. Pages 44pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Ha-Arye Ha-Raʹamtan, Ve-Ha-Jirafa Gam