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The Princess and the Caterpillar

Once upon a time, a princess lived surrounded by lots of happy animals. But one day, an ugly, greedy caterpillar came along. This caterpillar only felt full and grew when somebody hurt it. So it went and provoked a bee, and a bird, a cat, a dog, a horse and an elephant. And each time it got stung, or scratched or bitten or kicked, it grew and felt good! Until it met the princess, and she refused to be provoked. The caterpillar was so shocked, it shrank right back to its original size! It closed itself up in a chrysalis, and came out later as a beautiful butterfly. Then it flew back to the princess, nobody tried to annoy anybody, and they all lived together in peace.

Title The Princess and the Caterpillar
Writer's Last Name Frankel
Writer's First Name Alona
Genre Children
Ages 3-5
Publisher (Hebrew) Modan
No. Pages 28pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Sipur Al Nesicha, Pil, Sus, Kelev, Chatul, Kipod, Tzipor, Dvora Ve-Zachal