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The Purrfect Pet

This is a fun kind of mystery for very young readers, in which Yotam discovers the nature and identity of his ideal pet. One day, Yotam decides he wants a pet. He doesn`t know exactly what he wants, except that it must be special – a pet that none of his friends have. “I want a pet that is round,” he tells his mother. His mother suggests a lady bug, but Yotam says that a lady bug is too small. “Maybe you would like an elephant?” his mother says, but Yotam explains that an elephant is too big. “The pet I choose has to be quiet,” he adds. “Would you like a turtle?” Yotam`s mother asks. But Yotam has always dreamed of a soft pet, so a turtle is impossible. “Perhaps a hedgehog, with its furry tummy?” Mother tries. But Yotam wants a pet that is all fur, not part spikes. Mother jokingly suggests a spider, but Yotam rejects that idea and adds, “My pet has to be warm.” After his mother suggests a mouse, Yotam is almost ready to give up. And then one day his mother sends him to their neighbor, Nitza, to borrow a cup of sugar. On the floor he spots a large basket where Nitza`s cat is napping with her three kittens. Yotam has so much fun playing with the kittens he forgets to go home when he is supposed to. When he finally does, he tells his mother about the kittens. He announces that he has finally found the perfect pet, small, quiet, furry, round, soft and warm. “Can we have a cat?” Yotam asks his mother.

Title The Purrfect Pet
Writer's Last Name Horn
Writer's First Name Shifra
Genre Children
Ages 2-5
Illustrations Christina Kadmon
Publisher (Hebrew) Yedioth Ahronoth
No. Pages 25pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Ein Chaya Kazot