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The Rare Kitchen

A tender for building apartments for young couples sparks a wave of hope among the residents of a small coastal town. But when the contractor disappears in the middle of the job, and the desperate residents are left with apartments that exist only on paper, the municipal dance of demons begins.

Romit Samson guides us with a gentle, practiced hand through the endless labyrinth of bureaucratic corridors full of intrigue. As protagonists of this rich, complex plot, we meet an ambitious lawyer representing the residents’ interests and the city’s legal advisor, who juggles between a desk overflowing with cases and her dramatic private life.

Romit Samson weaves together a legal drama and a high-emotion plot, constructing the details of human comedy inside dusty, neon-lit offices.

Title The Rare Kitchen
Writer's Last Name Samson
Writer's First Name Romit
Genre Fiction
Publisher (Hebrew) Am Oved
No. Pages 434pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) HaMitbach HaAchori
  • “A real literary discovery! Never a dull moment throughout the entire 434 pages of The Back Kitchen. Samson creates a convincing world of legal drama, emotional depth, and warm humorous moments”