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The Summer of Aziz

How good the simple country life is! Waking up early, working in the open air and caring for the animals. Raya Harnick shows us the beauty of nature in the country with values we can always relate to.

Summer vacation arrives, and Yuval, an ordinary city boy who likes going to movies and playing computer games, is sent to the country to visit his great-grandfather for three weeks. His great-grandfather lives in the Jezereel Valley with his extended family and despite his age, still works hard on his farm. Yuval is afraid he will be bored on the farm, even though his great-grandfather promised to buy him a horse. The first morning they wake Yuval early to paint the fence, just like like Tom Sawyer. Yuval does a good job, and the next day his great-grandfather takes him to a nearby Arab village. There they meet his great-grandfather`s friend, Salim, an elderly Arab horse breeder. “He`s like a brother to me,” Yuval`s great-grandfather explains. “We grew up together.” Salim gives Yuval`s great-grandfather a beautiful colt, and Yuval falls in love with it at first sight. He learns to care for the colt, and great-grandfather is very proud of the boy who has turned from a spoiled city boy into a hard worker in such a short time. After he returns home, Yuval can`t forget what he learned in the country. He misses his colt, and decides to work during the rest of his summer vacation so that he can buy a special saddle. The next time he visits the colt, he will work on getting the young horse used to wearing it. His colt will have the grandest saddle in the valley.

Title The Summer of Aziz
Writer's Last Name Harnik
Writer's First Name Raya
Genre Children
Ages 8-11
Illustrations Ya`akov Gutterman
Publisher (Hebrew) Sifriat Poalim
No. Pages 52pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Ha-Siah She-Hetzil Et Ha-Hofesh Ha-Gadol]