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Three of Them

The lovely friendship between Maya, Eran and Asaf ended after high school, when they were called up to serve in the army. Eran, a radical left-winger, refused to be enlisted, and blamed his friends for not doing the same. Then, when Asaf killed an old Palestinian by accident, the rift deepened.

When Maya meets Eran by chance after her discharge, she is about to go on a trip to the Far East with Asaf. Will Eran join them? Will he at least come to the airport that night to say goodbye? Eran refuses, but in the last moment he grabs his old bicyle and starts out for the airport to try and convince them not to leave. On the way, he – like the other two – relive memories of their lifelong friendship.

Meanwhile, the airport is on strike, and in the chaos Maya and Asaf are accused of carrying a bomb. Taken for interrogation by the security services, they manage to escape and eventually meet Eran in an abandoned field. But their reunion only shows the gaping wound of their lost friendship, and the scars created by Israeli reality.

Title Three of Them
Writer's Last Name G. Hayim
Writer's First Name Esty
Genre Fiction
Publisher (Hebrew) Yedioth Ahronoth
No. Pages 217pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Shloshtam
  • “ Hayim has created a surprising experience: even if we are not crazy about each protagonist separately, we are completely besotted with the new unit that emerges when the three of them are together.”

    Yedioth Ahronoth
  • “ Complex and highly recommended... The most striking thing about this book is its plot and the fine line that separates realism from surrealism.”

    Channel 2 TV
  • “ A very pleasing coming-of-age novel... The relationship and ongoing search of the trio in the novel is gracefully presented.”