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Dariah’s classmates don’t accept her and she has given up hope of being part of their social circle. She has been with them for three years, but they only talk to her when they need something. And even then, she knows that it won’t last. Dariah is convinced that she isn’t pretty and in the long hours after school she shuts herself up in her room, playing music, singing and creating a private world in which she is beautiful and loved.

One day, she overhears a conversation between two boys in her class and learns of a dirty secret that will come out the next day and harm Michal, the “queen” of the class. She decides to warn Michal, but the treachery of her classmates causes her greater pain and isolation than ever. However, Dariah finds a way to overcome her unhappiness with the help of a popular musician, who discovers her special personality and rare musical talent.

Dariah’s story is interwoven with Emma’s, a mysterious girl who has flown in from Berlin to try and solve a family secret that is connected to the Second World War. One day, she makes her way to a small bridal shop in Tel Aviv that belongs to Dariah’s mother, Yael. And in the shop window, Emma finds what she is looking for: a beautiful wedding dress. But it isn’t for sale, because Yael has a special connection with it… Emma and Dariah meet by chance, and find threads from the past that bind them together.

Title Transparent
Writer's Last Name Macmel-Atir
Writer's First Name Nava
Genre Children
Ages 13 up
Publisher (Hebrew) Yedioth Ahronoth
No. Pages 239pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Shkufa