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Uri and Sami

Uri is a great dreamer. On a class trip to the mountains he lies back in a warm, sunny spot and dreams, until he is separated from his class. Uri finds a cave to shelter him from the now-heavy rain, until he can get back to somewhere more civilized. During the stormy night Uri is joined by a strange, withdrawn waif who seems to know better than he how to survive the elements. Sami is an Arab from somewhere nearby. The two boys’ extreme fear slowly subsides as they discover that there is more that unites them than separates them. Their relationship undergoes a decisive shift when the two join forces to evade the soldiers up in the mountains searching for the lost Uri, who wants to stay awhile longer with Sami before he returns home. Their friendship is threatened time and again by the boys’ deep-rooted mistrust but they overcome their prejudice.

When Uri is attacked by a wolf, Sami carries his bleeding friend across the border into an enemy Arab country where his own family nurses Uri back to health.

French, German, Italian, Japanese
Title Uri and Sami
Writer's Last Name B. Cohen
Writer's First Name Dalya
Genre Children
Ages 9-14
Publisher (Hebrew) Massada
No. Pages 89pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Uri Ve-Sami
  • “ A poetic, pacifistic, exciting story...very impressive. Heartily recommended. ”

    Committee of School and Public Libraries
  • “ Uri and Sami reflects reality. Smoothly, with finesse, through the spontaneity of youth, the author retraces the mounting of this violent conflict; the passion and the pain. Through the profound truth of her characterization and the poetic savagery of her descriptions of nature, the adventure is transformed into a strong, beautiful narrative. ”