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What Happened to the Mulberry Tree?

In this optimistic and yet perfectly plausible story, a kindergarten class succeeds in saving its beloved mulberry tree. Ganor shows that the conflict between progress and ecology can be resolved. In Miriam’s kindergarten the children raise silkworms in shoe boxes, awaiting the magical moment when the pupae become butterflies. Each morning they pick mulberry leaves to feed the caterpillars. When they are told that the tree will soon be uprooted to make room for a new building, everyone protests and wants to save it. They write to the mayor. The mayor greets them with open arms. He comes up with a solution that satisfies everyone: the tree is carefully transplanted to Miriam’s garden. Construction can proceed; the children continue to enjoy the tree and the silkworms can be fed. When the butterflies burst out of their pupae, the class holds a party and invites the mayor to celebrate. He in turn promises to plant a mulberry tree beside every kindergarten in town, so all the children will have a chance to see a butterfly being born.

Title What Happened to the Mulberry Tree?
Writer's Last Name Ganor
Writer's First Name Roni
Genre Children
Ages 4-7
Illustrations Einat Peled
Publisher (Hebrew) Alma
No. Pages 24pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Ma Kara Le-Etz Ha-Tut