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Where Memory Flows to After We’re Dead

This mystical yet poignant novel grips the reader from the first page. Shai Danziger is determined to avenge the death of his lover Natasha, murdered at the bidding of arch-criminal Sami. Events take an eerie twist when the dead Natasha appears as a ghost at her lover’s side, visible only to him.

The only way to gain access to mafioso Don Sami is by challenging him at the world backgammon championship. Reminiscent of venerable Oriental instructors, wise to the secrets of ancient martial arts and the depths of the inner soul, our hero travels to Mount Meron to seek out a lonely hermit. There an elderly Jew trains him and divulges the innermost secrets of the art and soul. Mastery of backgammon and the dice becomes symbolic of control over chance and even death. When the end of his training period approaches, the hero returns to Tel Aviv, ready to confront the world champion and avenge the murder of his beloved Natasha.

Title Where Memory Flows to After We’re Dead
Writer's Last Name Weill
Writer's First Name Uzi
Genre Fiction
Publisher (Hebrew) Zmora-Bitan
No. Pages 194pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Le’an Holech Ha-Zikaron Aharei She-Anahnu Metim
  • “ Spare, polished, highly sensitive, and occasionally outstanding with a childlike, illuminated and arousing innocence. ”

  • “ There is no knowing what will happen in the next line....We read with bated breath. You read this book in one go, and then you read it again. ”

  • “ Uzi Weill has written a mystical and sweet cinematic legend about revenge, life as a dream, death, backgammon, memory and oblivion. At the end, everyone awakens - the living, the dead, the dreamers, and especially those who participate in the sweet dream.”