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Who Drank My Juice? [with Rutu Modan]

A delighful comics story about a boy, his Dad and a camel! It all begins when a little boy discovers that someone has drunk his juice. His Dad says that a camel came by at night and was very thirsty. So he had a drink. “And after that?” the boy asks. “He wanted to take a bath,” Dad says, and he explains that the camel lives in the desert, where there’s very little water. Then, the camel went into the living room and wanted to watch TV. But Dad didn’t allow him to, and the camel got furious. “Did you hit him?” asks the boy. “Are you out of your mind?” Dad replies. “I hugged him and called his father. Daddy Camel came at once, but before the two of them left, he drank the rest of your juice.” “Never mind,” says the boy, not upset at all. Now he and Dad are going to the grocery store to buy some more juice. The dialogue and the pictures complement one another, so every page holds a new surprise. And this Dad has a great imagination, so he answers each question in absurd and unexpected ways.

Title Who Drank My Juice? [with Rutu Modan]
Writer's Last Name Smith
Writer's First Name Shoham
Genre Children
Ages 3-6
Illustrations Rutu Modan
Publisher (Hebrew) Sifriat Poalim
No. Pages 24pp.