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Yovi, Pebble and the Elephant

Yovi, age 14, is a latter-day Hannibal – he leads an elephant across the desert to freedom, while holding off the full force of the Israeli army.

When his mother buys a new fridge, Yovi sells the old one to a junk dealer who happens to have an elephant on his truck. The elephant locks eyes with Yovi and it`s true love. Yovi acquires Polly (as he calls her), but what can you do with an elephant in Tel Aviv? On the advice of his new friend Pebble, Yovi decides that Polly must go back to Africa. The army is called out. His parents, the chief-of-staff and the prime minister appeal to him over the radio to give up the chase, but Yovi is now on a crusade. The trek is exhausting: extreme heat, thirst and hostile Bedouins nearly break him. Finally, when environmentalists offer to take Polly to Kenya on a boat, he accepts. It is all over; but Yovi, exhausted, has won.

Chinese, German, Italian
Title Yovi, Pebble and the Elephant
Writer's Last Name Kaniuk
Writer's First Name Yoram
Genre Children
Ages 10 up
Publisher (Hebrew) Hakibbutz Hameuchad
No. Pages 95pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Iyov, Chaluk-Nachal Ve-Ha-Pil
  • “ As thrilling as a detective story, full of bizarre ideas which are based on the exact observations of the author.”