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Emuna Elon

Emuna Elon was born in Jerusalem to a family of rabbis and scholars, and was raised in Jerusalem and New York. She teaches Judaism, Hassidism and Hebrew literature, and has served as advisor to the Prime Minister on the status of Israeli women. She also wrote a weekly political column in the mass circulation daily, Yedioth Ahronoth, and later in Israel Hayom. Elon has published essays, short stories, popular children’s books and a number of bestselling novels. Her novel If You Awaken Love was a finalist for the National Jewish Book Award (2007). Elon received the Book Publishers Association’s Gold Book Prize (2010) for her novel Inscribe My Name, the Aminach Prize for Beyond My Sight (2014) and the Prime Minister's Prize (2015). 

The exclusive option for TV/film adaptation based on Elon's novel House on Endless Water was purchased in April 2019. 

Emuna Elon

Books Published in Hebrew

If You Awaken Love [Heaven Rejoices] (novel), Keter, 2004 [Simcha Gdola Ba-Shamayim]
Inscribe My Name (novel), Yedioth Ahronoth, 2010 [Ve-Tichtevu: Ahuvatenu]
Beyond My Sight (novel) , Kinneret, Zmora-Bitan, 2012 [Be-Mufla Mi-Meni]
House on Endless Waters (novel) , Kinneret, Zmora-Bitan, 2016 [Bayit Al Mayim Rabim]
When I Ask God (children-picture bk), Zmora-Bitan, 1985 [Kshe-Ani Mevakesh Me-Elohim]
Passover Coming Soon (children-picture bk), Sifriat Bet El, 1987 [Od Meʹat Pessach]
How to Ask for Forgiveness? (children-picture bk), Sifriat Bet El, 1987 [Eich Mevakshim Slicha?]
Michalʹs Kippah (children-picture bk), Sifriat Bet El, 1988 [Ha-Kippah Shel Michal]
On Saturday Afternoon (children-picture bk), Sifriat Bet El, 1988 [Be-Shabbat Achar Ha-Tzoʹorayim]
Fathiʹs Treasure (youth), Sifriat Bet El, 1988 [Ha-Otzar Shel Fathi]
In Honor of Shabbat (children-picture bk), Sifriat Bet El, 1990 [Sefer Li-Chvod Shabbat]
Ayelet is Looking for a Mitzvah (children-picture bk), Olam Hasefer Hatorani, 1995 [Ayelet Mechpeset Mitzva]
Even When I Hide (children-picture bk), Sifrey Hamerkaz, 1995 [Afilu Kshe-Ani Mitchabeh]
A Little Girl who Can Read (children-picture bk), Sifrey Hamerkaz, 1995 [Yalda She-Yodaʹat Likro]
Hanochʹs Candies (children-picture bk), Dor, 1998 [Ha-Sukaryot Shel Hanoch]
Who Drinks Last? (children-picture bk), Dor, 1998 [Mi Shoteh Acharon?]
Holiday Stories (children-picture bk), Dor, 1999; Korʹim, 2003 [Sipurim Le-Yamim Tovim]
Leftsock (children-picture bk) , Dor, 2000 [Gerev]
The State of Kindergarten Children (children-picture bk), Korʹim, 2012 [Ha-Medina Shel Yaldei Ha-Gan]
Only When I Close My Eyes: Thoughts about God (children-picture bk), Zmora-Bitan, 2015 [Rak Be-Einayim Atzumot]

Books in Translation

Dutch: Amsterdam, Atlas, 2018

English: New York, Atria Books, 2020

English: Crows Nest, NSW, Australia, Allen & Unwin, 2020

English: Waterville, Maine, USA, Thorndike Press (Large Print Edition), 2020





If You Awaken Love
English: London/New York, Toby Press, 2007; AmazonCrossing, 2012