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Uzi Weill

Uzi Weill was born in Israel in 1964, and grew up in Tel Aviv where he still resides today. A well-known short story writer and a novelist, Weill is also a journalist, TV screenwriter and translator. He has translated and published a collection of Raymond Carver's poetry. Two of his short stories have been made into movies.

Uzi Weill

Books Published in Hebrew

The Day They Shot the President (stories), Am Oved, 1991; Yedioth Ahronoth, 2003 [Ba-Yom She-Bo Yaru Be-Rosh Ha-Memshalah]
Where Memory Flows to After We’re Dead (novel) , Zmora-Bitan, 1996 [Le’an Holech Ha-Zikaron Aharei She-Anahnu Metim]
The Man Who Moved the Wall of Tears (stories) , Modan, 2001 [Osher]
The Thin Line (quotes), Zmora-Bitan, 2002 [Ha-Gvul Ha-Dak]
The Back Page (non-fiction), Yedioth Ahronoth, 2006 [Chayav U-Moto Shel Ha-Shaʹar Ha-Achori, O, Kacha Avru Eser Shanim Bli She-Hirgashti]
Five Dreams (novel), Modan, 2013 [Chamisha Chalomot]
Nose [with Iris de Botton] (children-picture bk), Modan, 2001 [Af]
Mouth [with Iris de Botton] (children-picture bk), Modan, 2001 [Pe]
Eyes [with Iris de Botton] (children-picture bk), Modan, 2001 [Einaim]
Ears [with Iris de Botton] (children-picture bk], Modan, 2001 [Oznaim]
Panda, Panda, with Iris de Botton, Am Oved, 2001 [Panda, Panda]
Max the Warrior Kid, Yedioth Ahronoth, 2006 [Max Ha-Yeled Ha-Lochem]
Three Fairies (children-picture bk), Yedioth Ahronoth, 2008 [Shalosh Yeladot Tziyru Shalosh Feyot]

Books in Translation

Belarusi: Minsk, Logvino, 2018 

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