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Nava Macmel-Atir

Nava Macmel-Atir was born in Israel in 1964. After studying literature and cinema at Tel-Aviv University, she taught literature at high school, hosted a TV program, and led creative writing workshops. Macmel-Atir started publishing children’s poems at age 20. Since then, she has published many books for children and youth, and her plays have been performed throughout Israel. Her children’s book, Adi’s Jewel, earned her a Citation from the Ze’ev Prize committee (2000) and is taught in schools; her adult novel, A Letter from Avshalom (2009), was a bestseller. In recent years, she has devoted her time to writing fiction and drama, as well as to lecturing and performing. Macmel-Atir won the Ze’ev Prize in 2005 for her youth book, The Audition. In 2010, Lady Globes selected her as one of the 50 most influential women in Israel. 

Nava Macmel-Atir

Books Published in Hebrew

The Girl on the Balcony (novel), Yedioth Ahronoth, 2006; 2010 [Ha-Naʹara Ba-Mirpeset Mi-Mul]
A Letter from Avshalom (novel), Yedioth Ahronoth, 2009 [Ot Me-Avshalom]
Ayelet Dives (children-picture bk), Grafor-Daftal, 1993 [Ayelet Tzolelet]
Tale of a Pea (children-picture bk), Grafor-Daftal, 1994 [Gilgulo Shel Afun]
Momʹs First Grade (children-picture bk), Dany Sfarim, 1995 [Kita Alef Shel Ima]
Meet a Boy Whose Name Is Nir (childrem-picture bk), Modan, 1998 [Na Lehakir Yeled Shmo Nir]
The Boy By the Window (children), Dany Sfarim, 1998 [Ha-Yeled She-Amad Ba-Chalon]
Friends from the Left Drawer (children-picture bk), Dany Sfarim, 1999 [Ha-Chaverim Me-Ha-Megera Ha-Smalit]
Packed in Rhymes (children-picture bk), Korʹim, 1999 [Aruzim Be-Charuzim]
Adiʹs Jewel (children), Yedioth Ahronoth, 2000 [Ha-Adi Shel Adi]
It All Began with a Button (children-picture bk), Yedioth Ahronoth, 2000 [Ha-Kol Hitchil Mi-Kaftor]
Donʹt Bring Brothers (children), Dany Sfarim, 2000 [Asur Lehavi Achim]
The Legend of the Magic Kingdom (children-picture bk), neta, 2001; Zafra, 2008 [Agadat Ha-Mamlacha Ha-Ksuma]
The Edge Town House (children-picture bk), Korʹim, 2001 [Ha-Bayit She-Bi-Ktze Hair, O Ha-Taʹam Ha-Matok Shel Metziat Aveda]
The Final Delay (children), Yedioth Ahronoth, 2002 [Ha-Ichur Ha-Acharon]
The Storkʹs Secret (children-picture bk), Korʹim, 2002 [Soda Shel Ha-Chasida]
Bride and Groom (children-picture bk), Korʹim, 2002 [Kala Ve-Chatan]
Non-Identical Twins (children-picture bk), Korʹim, 2003 [Teʹomim Lo Domim]
Oops, I Lost (children-picture bk), Korʹim, 2003 [Ups, Ibadeti]
Granny, Please Stay (children-picture bk), Korʹim, 2003 [Savta, Tishaʹari]
What Should I Be? (children-picture bk), Korʹim, 2003 [Ma Keday Li Lihiyot?]
A Secret Hiding Place in the School Yard (children-picture bk), Dany Sfarim, 2003 [Machvo Sodi Ba-Chatzar Beit-Ha-Sefer]
The Midnight Creature (children-picture bk), Korʹim, 2003 [Yetzur Be-Emtza Ha-Laila]
The King of the Mountain (youth), Yedioth Ahronoth, 2004 [Melech Ha-Har]
The Audition (youth), Yedioth Ahronoth, 2005 [Mivchan Kabala]
Liatʹs Eating Habits (children-picture bk), Korʹim, 2005 [Ein Nesichim Bi-Shʹat Ha-Seʹuda]
Surprises Knocking on the Door (children-picture bk), Zafra, 2008 [Haftaʹot Dofkot Ba-Delet]
A Spot for Thought (children), Yedioth Ahronoth, 2011 [Nekuda Le-Machshava Ve-Sod Ha-Armon Ha-Shakuf]
Transparent (youth) , Yedioth Ahronoth, 2012 [Shkufa]
Chocolate Cubes (youth), Yedioth Ahronoth, 2013 [Kubiyot Shel Shokolad]
Emperor of the Town (youth), Yedioth Ahronoth, 2014 [Keisar Ha-Shchuna]
Adiʹs Jewel [Orna Porat Theater, 2004]
The King of the Mountain [Nephesh Theater, 2004]
The Final Delay [The State Youth Theater, 2009]
Start Smiling [Hani Theater, 2010]
Chocolate Cubes [Hani Theater, 2011]

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