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Dana Elazar-Halevi

Dana Elazar-Halevi was born in Israel in 1970 and lives in Tel Aviv. She holds a BA in Arabic literature and Middle Eastern studies and an MA in the history of education from Tel Aviv University. An editor and English-Hebrew translator, Elazar-Halevi has held various positions in leading Israeli publishing houses, including head of translated fiction at Kinneret Zmora-Bitan and non-fiction editor at Keter. She was also editor of the daily Ma'ariv’s literary section and has taught translation and editing at Tel Aviv University and Beit Berl College.

Elazar-Halevi is the author of Secret Mission, a highly acclaimed series of best-selling spy thrillers for young adults. Operation Manhattan, the first book in the series, is recommended for youth by the Israel Ministry of Education and received the Publishers Association's Gold Prize (2017). The second book, Operation Berlin, received the Ha-Pinkas Award (2016), and the third book, Operation Cairo, has been awarded the Devorah Omer Prize for Youth Literature (2017).

Books Published in Hebrew

Operation Manhattan (Secret Mission Series, 1) (youth) , Achuzat Bayit, Yedioth Ahronoth, 2015 [Mivtza Manhattan: Shlichut Chasha'it 1]
Operation Berlin (Secret Mission Series, 2) (youth) , Achuzat Bayit, Yedioth Ahronoth, 2016 [Mivtza Berlin: Shlichut Chasha'it 2]
Operation Cairo (Secret Mission Series, 3) (youth), Achuzat Bayit, Yedioth Ahronoth, 2017 [Mivtza Kahir: Shlichut Chasha'it 3]
Operation Toronto (Secret Mission Series, 4) (youth), Achuzat Bayit, Yedioth Ahronoth, 2018 [Mivtza Toronto: Shlichut Chasha'it 4]

Books in Translation