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Shy Danit and Wild Daniela

In the middle of the school-year, Danit leaves her home in the city and moves with her parents to a small house in the country, because her father has lost his job. In her new school, the kids are much wilder than she was used to. During breaks, when everybody plays outside, she hides in the art corner, painting her distress and hoping no one will notice her. But somebody does: lively Daniela, the most popular girl in class. And they become friends. One day, when the girls go for a walk, Daniela falls from a tree and breaks her leg. Bravely, Danit finds her way back to the village, calls for help, and goes with her friend to the hospital, where Danit’s mother is a doctor. When Daniela comes back to school, she tells everybody how Danit saved her, and her nickname is changed from ‘Shy’ to ‘Brave Danit’. In the end, her father takes Daniela’s advice and opens a restaurant, where the girls like to hang out together!
Title Shy Danit and Wild Daniela
Writer's Last Name Nitzan
Writer's First Name Tal
Genre Children
Publisher (Hebrew) Hakibbutz Hameuchad
No. Pages 36pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Danit Ha-Bayshanit Ve-Daniela Ein-Domeh-Lah