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Shifra Horn

Born in Jerusalem, Shifra Horn has a BA in biblical studies, archeology and communications. She has worked as spokesperson for the Ministry of Absorption; also as a journalist, lecturer and TV host. Later she has managed her own independent public relations firm. Horn has published five bestselling novels, a collection of short stories, two non-fiction books and four books for children. In 2002, Horn was nominated Literary Woman of the Year by the financial daily, Globes. She has also been awarded the WIZO Prize (1997), the Bat Yam Prize for Literature (1997), the Book Publishers Association's Gold and Platinum Book Prizes for her five novels, the Prime Minister's Prize (2005), the ADAI-WIZO Prize (Italy, 2006), the Brenner Prize (2006) and the French WIZO Prize for Ode to Joy (2008). For her novel Scorpion Dance [Promenade à Deux] she received the Culture Minister's Zionism Prize (2014) and the ADEI-WIZO Prize (Italy, 2017). 
Horn’s books have been published in eight languages, among which English (St Martin’s Press, Piatkus), French (Fayard), Italian (Fazi), German (Bertelsman, btb), Dutch (Archipel/ Arbeiderspers).

Shifra Horn

Books in Translation

English: New York, St. Martin`s Press, 1999; pback: 2000; London, Piatkus, 1999; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

Italian: Rome, Fazi, 2000; 2002
German: Munich, btb, 2000
Dutch: Amsterdam, Archipel/Arbeiderspers, 2000; pback: 2002; Amsterdam, Muntinga, 2006
French: Paris, Fayard, 2001
Turkish: Istanbul, Apollon, 2010

Azeri: Baku, Alatoran, 2015

German: Munich, Bertelsmann, 2001
English: New York, St. Martin`s Press, 2001; London, Piatkus, 2001; 2002
Dutch: Amsterdam, Archipel/Arbeiderspers, 2001
Italian: Rome, Fazi, 2001; pback: 2003
Turkish: Istanbul, Apollon, 2010
Italian: Rome, Fazi, 2007
English: London, Piatkus, 2003
Dutch: Amsterdam, Archipel/Arbeiderspers, 2003; Amsterdam, XL, 2004
Italian: Rome, Fazi, 2004
French: Paris, Fayard, 2004
Turkish: Istambul, Dogan, forthcoming
English: London, Piatkus, 2005
Italian: Rome, Fazi, 2005; 2008
Dutch: Amsterdam, Archipel/Arbeiderspers, 2006; Amsterdam, XL, 2007
French: Paris, Fayard, 2007

Shalom Japan
English: New York, Kensington Books, 1996
Italian: Rome, Fazi, 2016 
German: Zurich, Kiriat Yearim, 2016
Zurich, Kiriat Yearim, 2016

Spanish: Barcelona, Obelisco, 2019

Catalan: Barcelona, Obelisco, 2019


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