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Yael Roseman

Yael Roseman was born in Ramat Gan, Israel, in 1942. She spent her military service and early 20s living and working on a kibbutz. In 1967, she moved to Jerusalem and studied occupational therapy. In the early 1970s, she was also actively involved in the fledgling Israeli Women's Movement.
After writing a play for an amateur puppet theater, Roseman was asked to work for Israel Television. She became a scriptwriter for children's programs and led creative writing workshops for children and teenagers. In 1981, she moved with her family to a small village in the Galilee based on ecological principles. She now lives in Tel Aviv.
Roseman has published books for children and youth and short stories for adults. She has received the Ze'ev Prize three times (1982; 1992; 1997).
Yael Roseman

Books Published in Hebrew

Strange Girl With Earrings (youth) , Am Oved, 1968 [Ha-Matzhikah Im Ha-Agilim]
My Affair with Ben Gurion and with Pnina, Am Oved, 1986 [Ha-Roman Sheli Im Ben-Gurion Ve-Im Pnina]
Kaleidoscope (youth) , Am Oved, 1988 [Kaleidoscop]
It’s All Their Fault (youth) , Massada, 1989 [Ha-Col Biglalam]
My Little Witch (youth) , Am Oved, 1991 [Machshefale Ktanah]
The Prankster King, Am Oved, Yad Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, 1995 [Melech Ha-Tachbulot: Sipuro Shel Yehuda Arazi
Three Kids (children-picture bk), Dany Sfarim, 1995 [Ma'aseh Bi-Shlosha Gedayim U-Va-Shed She-Mitachat La-Gesher]
Princess, What Do You Want? (children) , Am Oved, 1998 [Ma At Rotzah Nesichah?]
Gabriel Bach: Attorney, Judge and Gentleman (biography), Yedioth Ahronoth, 2011 [Gavriel Bach: Praklit, Shofet Ve-Gentleman]
Impossible Love? (youth) , Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 2016 [Ahava Bilti Efsharit?]

Books in Translation

German: Frankfurt, Alibaba, 1992
German: Frankfurt, Alibaba, 1991; pback: Reinbeck, Rowohlt, 1995
Russian: Jerusalem, Aliya, 1991
German: Berlin, Elefanten, 1994; pback: Frankfurt, Fischer, 1997

Tom and the Flying Lion
English: Tel Aviv, Massada, 1981

My Affair With Ben Gurion and With Pnina
Russian: Jerusalem, Aliya, 1989