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Mishka Ben-David

מישקה בן דוד

Mishka Ben-David was born in 1952 in Israel. He holds an MA in comparative literature from the University of Wisconsin and a PhD in Hebrew literature from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Ben-David served for 12 years in the Mossad; he has also been the principal of a Jerusalem high school and director of a community center, as well as lecturing at the Open University. Ben-David has published four bestselling spy thrillers, as well as novels, short stories and research studies. An Israeli-German-Canadian co-production led by Bavaria Pictures is now adapting his spy novels for an international TV series; Duet in Beirut will be the first in the series. Ben-David has been awarded the Harrey Harshon Prize twice (1976; 1977), the Rabinovich Foundation Award (1984), the Prime Minister’s Prize (2002), the Book Publishers Association’s Gold Prize for his thrillers (2010; 2011; 2012) and the Publishers Association’s Platinum Prize for Final Stop, Algiers (2013).

Photo by: Dan Porges

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