Good news for translators!

As of 2016, the International Man Booker Prize will be will merged with the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize and handed  to both author and translator. The biennial prize will be awarded to a single book published in the UK (translated into English). The prize money will be divided equally between the author and the translator. The prestigious prize’s administrators say they wish to honor the usually underestimated work of translators. More...

Prestigious Sapir Award to Orly Castel-Bloom's An Egyptian Novel
Orly Castel-Bloom has been awarded the prestigious Sapir Award for her latest book, An Egyptian Novel. Among previous award winners are authors David Grossman, Yoram Kaniuk and Amir Gutfreund. Castel-Bloom has been a leading voice in Hebrew literature since her first book in 1987, constantly expanding the boundaries of the Hebrew language and of narrative style. An Egyptian Novel, her 14th book, was published a year ago to critical acclaim and amazing sales. It will be published in English by Dalkey Archives and in French by Actes Sud. The Sapir Award is the highest literary prize in Israel. In addition to NIS150,000 in prize money (ca $37,500), it covers the cost of the novel's translation into Arabic plus one other language. To date, Castel-Bloom's books have been translated into 14 languages.
Ruth Achlama Recipient of the first Hebrew-German Translation Prize
Ruth Achlama received the 2015 prize for her translations of David Vogel's “Viennese Romance“ and Yoram Kaniuk's “1948" from Hebrew to German. The prize is a joint initiative of the Israeli and German governments designed to mark the deep interrelationship between German and Hebrew literature, and is to be awarded biannually to one translator from each country. The winners will receive 10,000 euros each. Other honorees this year: Prof. Nitza Ben Ari for her translation of Goethe‘s “Hermann and Dorothea“ and Prof. Yirmiyahu Yovel for his translation of Immanuel Kant’s “Critique of Pure Reason“.
Young Israeli author Ayelet Gundar-Goshen is getting an impressive reception abroad
Gundar-Goshen's debut novel, "One Night, Markowitch" is enjoying rave reviews and excellent sales: the German edition has sold over 16,000 copies and the UK edition over 10,000 copies copies since their release in early 2015. It has also made the selective List of Recommended Books of Waterstones’ Summer Book Club. (English: Pushkin Press, UK, and Anansi, Canada; German: Kein & Aber; Italian Giuntina. Forthcoming in Dutch (Meridiaan); French (Presses de la Cité); Turkish (Koton); Spanish-South America (Libros del Zorzal). Gundar-Goshen’s second novel "Waking Lions" was published to great critical acclaim in German (Kein & Aber) in Feb. 2015 and has already sold 20,000 copies. It is forthcoming in English by Little, Brown (USA) and Pushkin Press (UK), French (Presses de la Cité), Dutch (Meridiaan) and Italian (Giuntina). For selected reviews click here.
Writer-director Shemi Zarhin, author of the bestseller Some Day, to take part in prestigious Toronto Film Festival
“The Kind Words”, written and directed by Shemi Zarhin will be screened at the upcoming Toronto Film Festival, 10-20 Sept. 2015, in the Contemporary World Cinema category. “The Kind Words” has received excellent write-ups in Israel and has racked up great success at the box office, with over 150,000 viewers since May 2015. It has been nominated for Israel Film Academy awards in 12 categories, including Best Picture. It is an Israeli-Canadian coproduction by Pie Films and Amérique Film and the international cast includes French, Canadian and Israeli actors. “The Kind Words” is the story of three brothers who go on a journey when a deep secret resurfaces from the past. The road from Jerusalem to Paris, Marseilles and back in time to Algeria in the 1960s produces a plot that is full of surprises. Shemi Zarhin’s first novel, Some Day, was published in Israel in 2011 and has sold over 100,000 copies. Translation rights sold: English, Italian & Turkish.
Etgar Keret’s unique memoir The Seven Good Years has now been Launched in the USA (Riverhead) to huge critical acclaim!
Just released also in the UK (Granta) and in Australia (Scribe). The Seven Good Years is already published in French (Editions de l'Olivier; pb Points), Italian (Feltrinelli), Spanish (Siruela; Sexto Piso; pb Debolsillo), Polish (WAB), Dutch (Podium), Turkish (Siren), Portuguese [Brazil] (Rocco), Slovak (Artforum) and Greek (Kastaniotis). It is also forthcoming in German (S. Fischer), Bulgarian (Janet 45), Czech (GplusG) and Chinese (Shanghai 99). Click for selected reviews (July 2, 2015)
English Edition of Yitzhak Gormezano Goren’s Alexandrian Summer Gets Rave Reviews
‘(The book) is what summer reading should be: fast, carefree, visceral, and incipiently lubricious.”’ (The New Yorker), ‘A reason to rejoice … An author with superb power of expression … You can’t help but keep on smiling with great pleasure…’ (Maariv), ‘… daring and … at the same time refined and cultivated’ (Haaretz)
Short Film based on Bella Shaier’s Children's Mate, directed by Omri Levy
Children's Mate was published by Hakibbutz Hameuchad in 2011 and received high praise. Director Omri Levy has turned one of the stories into a 45-minute film entitled Castles in the Sand, now set in a small Israeli town. The short film is bilingual--Russian and Hebrew. Levy’s movies include Ms. Entebbe and The Secrets of Kinneret. Castles in the Sand features Svetlana Nervieva, Mark Kruglikov, David Skrifkin, Igal Reznik and Ana Dubritzki and will be shown on Israel TV, Channel 2. Press to watch a short scene.
Zeruya Shalev and Dror Burstein have been shortlisted for the JQ-Wingate Prize
Two leading Israeli authors represented by ITHL have been shortlisted for the JQ-Wingate Prize: Zeruya Shalev, for her best selling award winning novel 'The Remains of Love' (Bloomsbury), and Dror Burstein for his outstanding novel 'Netanya' (Dalkey Archive).
Eshkol Nevo and David Vogel on the Must-Read List of the Independent
Boyd Tonkin, the literary editor of the London Independent, has just listed two books represented by ITHL among the best foreign fiction published in the UK in 2014 : Neuland by Eshkol Nevo (translator Sondra Silverstone), published by Chatto & Windus) and Married Life by David Vogel (translator Dalya Bilu; published by Scribe). Click here for the full article.
Zeruya Shalev - Winner of the Prix Femina Etranger 2014 !
PRESS RELEASE 3.11.2014 The Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature is proud to announce that Zeruya Shalev was awarded this afternoon the prestigious PRIX FEMINA 2014 for foreign fiction. Click here to read more!
Great review in Lilith!
Orly Castel-Bloom's recent novel, Textile, published by The Feminist Press, New York, receives a great review. Click here to read it.
Congratulations, Todd Hasak-Lowy, on your Translation Prize!!
Todd has won the coveted 2013 Risa Domb/Porjes Translation Prize for Asaf Schurr’s wonderful novel, MOTTI (Dalkey Archive). The prize is awarded by the UK Jewish Book Council every three years in association with the Times Literary Supplement. ‘It is never easy to separate an author’s talents from that of his or her book's translator, but Todd Hasak-Lowy’s translation of this highly original novel is not only lucid and engaging, but also conveys many of the undertones that define present-day Israel,' said Naomi Gryn, one of the judges for the prize. Todd is also the translator of Dror Burstein's novel, Netanya, recently published by Dalkey Archive.
Orly Castel-Bloom’s ‘Dolly City’– Among The 20 Best Books in Translation You`ve Never Read, in PUBLISHERS WEEKLY and Tablet Magazine’s “101 Great Jewish Books”
Published in the US by Dalkey Archive, this amazing book is again making waves, together with Castel-Bloom`s more recent novel, Textile, published by The Feminist Press.
Mishka Ben-David’s ‘Duet in Beirut’ raises a storm!!
Mishka Ben-David’s first thriller to appear in translation (London, Peter Halban) raised a storm within hours of its publication in English. The headline in The Guardian:“From Mossad agent to spy novelist: undercover life inspires hit thriller.” Reuters/ITN and BBC grabbed Ben-David for interviews – CNN has pursued him all the way back to Israel for an interview that will appear next week, with more to come! It's not every day that you meet an ex-Mossad agent with a PhD in literature. Stay tuned!
Zeruya Shalev was awarded the prestigious Femina prize, France, 2014
Zeruya Shalev's major novel 'The Remains of Love' won the prestigious Prix Femina and is still nominated for Prix Medicis, 2014. The novel has been recently released in French translation by Editions Gallimard. On the long list were 15 outstanding authors, inter alia, Margaret Atwood (Canada), Lily Brett (Australia), Maxime Ossipov (Russia) and Leonardo Padura (Cuba).
Rome-Jerusalem Prize 2014 for Zeruya Shalev
Zeruya Shalev was recently awarded the prestigious Rome-Jerusalem Prize for the Italian translation of her novel 'The Remains of Love'
Tami Shem-Tov wins the Lea Goldberg Prize for Children and Youth Books 2013
For her wonderful y/a novel 'I Am Not a Thief' about Janus Korczak`s orphanage.
Gadi Taub, selected as "Best Untranslated Israeli Author" in Granta Magazine
The bars, pimps and pubs of 'Allenby Street' - a "masterfully constructed world of Dickensian variety," according to Etgar Keret.
Limassol wins the Italian Marisa Giorgetti Award, 2013
Yishai Sarid`s amazing book 'Il Poeta di Gaza' - in Italian - is going from strength to strength!
Orly Castel-Bloom
In case you`ve never heard Orly Castel-Bloom reading her own work, here`s a new YouTube of her reading her story "The Woman Who Wanted to Kill Someone." Enjoy!
MHL - New webzine starting soon!